The deadline for lodging complaints to the Administrative court is approaching


The 24-hour deadline for lodging complaints regarding the State Election Commission’s decisions is approaching. Last night, representatives of SEC announced that SEC’s legal department will prepare and submit to Besa movement and the Coalition led by SDSM the decisions for the 13 complaints for which a decision was already.

After lodging the complaints, five judges of the Administrative court, elected by a principle of drawing lots after a period of 48 hours at a public session will have to decide how to act upon the lawsuits, and the decisions must be published in a period of 24 hours at the court’s official web page and SEC’s web page as well. The decisions of the Administrative court will also have to state how each judge has voted separately

SEC began deciding two days ago about the parties’ complaints, but because of it breached the legally set deadlines set by the Code about the elections the deadlines were prolonged. Because of that the final results of the early parliamentary elections, held on the 11th of December, could be published at the latest on the 21st of December i.e. after the decision of the Administrative court and in case there aren’t any re-votes at some of the polling stations. In case of re-voting, the elections on that location will occur on the 25th of December.

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