At today’s hearing, at the trial of DUI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, and his party co-worker, Musa Dzaferi, against the former Head of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), Slobodan Bogoevski, Bogoevski’s attorneys have called into question the jurisdiction of Basic Court Skopje 2 to act upon the case of “Magyar Telekom.”

Bogoveski’s attorneys have emphasized that Basic Court Skopje 2 cannot claim jurisdiction over the case as the statement which Ahmeti and Dzaferi are suing Bogoevski over, was given as a witness in a case that is being held in another country i.e. the statement was given at the US Embassy in Skopje which according to the principle of exterritoriality is not in the territory of Macedonia but of the USA.

Ahmeti and Dzaferi’s legal representatives said that the objection regarding the court’s jurisdiction is groundless and claim that Bogoveski didn’t give his statement at the US Embassy, but, by using information published in the media,the statement was given at an attorney’s office in Skopje, in the presence of an attorney, translator and a notary.

The court has decided that the hearing regarding the disputed jurisdiction to continue and Ahmeti and Dzaferi’s attorneys for the next hearing which is set for the 25th of May, were assigned to bring as witnesses the attorney, the translator and the notary who were, as they claim, present when Bogoevski gave his statement.

Otherwise, confirmed by Bogoevski on the 7th of May in New York, the outcome of the trial that the American institutions i.e the US authorities or the Commission for Securities of the United States , are leading the case against the three former managers of Magyar Telekom, and Bogoevski, the former head of UBK, is the witness of the prosecution.