The former Head of the Administration for Security and Counter-Intelligence, Sasho Mijalkov who is a prime suspect in the “Target” case, will remain without his passport as the Court has decided to overrule his request for his passport to be returned as unfounded. His passport was taken away as a measure for securing his presence.

“The Criminal Council of the department for Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption at the Basic Court I – Skopje, acting in accordance with the proposal by S.M. that was submitted through his attorneys for the measures of cautiousness to be abolished, at an announced session, has made a decision during which the request was overruled as unfounded. The measure of cautiousness, the temporary confiscation of a passport and a ban on issuing a new or other traveling documents and another measure – an obligation for the suspect to report once a week to a supervisory personnel at the Court will remain in power” announced today the Criminal Court in Skopje.

Mijalkov’s attorney, Ljupcho Shvrgovski, gave a statement previously that they have called upon a judicial practice for returning of the passport i.e. the court’s decision to return the passport to SDSM’s party leader and current Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in one of the cases for which he was accused of.

Yesterday, the court announced that the request fo VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader, Nikola Gruevski to be returned his passport was rejected.

Otherwise, apart from Mijalkov and Gruevski, three more people that were accused in the SPO’s cases have demanded from the court their passports be returned. They were taken away as a measure of cautiousness.