The Council on Media Ethics of Macedonia (SEMM) after yesterday’s interview on TV “Sitel” at 19:00 expressed serious concern about the unprofessional behaviour of the Editor in Chief Dragan Pavlovic – Latas, and indecent and mistreatment of his guest Zoran Zaev.

The Council, on the ethics in the media say that behaviour with discriminatory vocabulary, underrated and arrogant approach and the attempt to discredit the other party is a violation of ethics while informing the public and abuse of power as a journalist, editor and host on an interview or show.

“The fundamental goal in working in the media is to serve the public and to raise matters of public interest through facts, views, and comments, as for unjustified speculation and rumours, they should not be presented as facts. Doing this job with unverified information and speculation, one can lead the public astray, and could create confusion and uncontrollable consequences in the behaviour of individuals or groups. The media also bears the responsibility to allow the speaker to express his opinion and thoughts on certain questions” was the reaction from the Council.

Members urged cooperation editorial “Sitel,” which, as they say, has the ultimate responsibility for what is published and the compliance standards of ethical journalism, and they know how to acquire and maintain public confidence in information.

Also, Council members appealed to citizens to report any cases where they felt that there was violation of ethical standards.