The Constitutional Court has dismissed the initiative from MP Pavle Trajanov and the President of the World Macedonian Congress (WMC), Todor Petrov, for the unconstitutional dissolution of Parliament with a delayed application and declared itself incompetent to decide on the dissolution of Parliament.

At this mornings hearing regarding this initiative at the Constitutional Court, Judge Natasha Gaber, who is the coordinator of the report, said that the decision of the Parliament is unprecedented and Parliament can not make such decisions.

She noted that in the period before early elections, the deadline to vote is 60 days and the delayed application for February 24 which is a violation, so elections that should be on April 24, is actually in 61 days.

According to her, this means that the elections are illegitimate.

The President of the Constitutional Court, Elena Goseva, stated that she disagrees with Judge Gaber’s position.

She claims that the initiative should be dismissed on the bases that the Constitutional Court can not rule over an act, but only for laws.