If we want to have a process of stabilization of the situation in Macedonia the Special Public Prosecutor will have to continue to operate professionally, responsibly, transparently and with full steam ahead, and after the elections a new deal for forming a special department within the Criminal court will be made, which will process SPP’s cases. This was emphasized by the President of the Democratic Union, Pavle Trajanov at the SPO’s press conference, accompanied by Slobodan Bogoevski, The Coalition for Change and Justice’s list carrier for the fourth electorate district.

Trajanov said that SPO is facing with problems and obstacles from all institutions that under the government’s control, especially the judiciary, but he stressed out that the citizens completely support this prosecutor.

– The SPO should work transparently because this prosecution enjoys great support among the citizens and not by the politicians that give their support publicly but expect it to lead cases about someone else, and not the ones for which SPO has a basis for conducting investigations and procedures. We believe that the SPO has to continue with its work during this period regardless of the ongoing election campaign and also in this period we expect the support the institutions have for Gruevski’s interests to decrease, because the information and suspicion say that they are not involved in the violation of fundamental human rights and illegal wiretapping, but there are indications of involvement in serious crimes – said Trajanov.

He added that after the 11th of December he expects, apart from formation of a special court department, that there will be an inspection of the operations of the public prosecutors and some changes will occur at the Public Prosecutor’s office.

The list carrier in the fourth electorate district, Bogoevski, said that no one should dare to question the existence and the work of SPP.

-The special prosecutors and the special court department are a known category in Europe and they are formed for clearing out cases of major crime acts – announced Bogoevski.