The government has made a decision to ban movement i.e. to impose curfew in Kumanovo. The total ban on movement will be imposed in Kumanovo during the weekend in the period between 9 pm until 5 am and during working days, the ban on movement will start from 4pm until 5 am, the next day. In the city there is already a ban for the use of intercity transportation and public transportation, and the movement will be allowed only for agricultural activities in the surrounding villages.

Health Minister Venko Filipche informs that starting from today, the Clinic for Infectious Diseases has discharged three patients for home treatment since their tests were proven negative.

-We have two dead patients, a patient aged 68 and with a previous history of illnesses and a patient aged 70, with a severe form of pneumonia. In this moment, the clinic has hospitalized 67 patients out of which 10 patients have a severe form of the infection. In the last 24 hours we have had 46 new cases – Filipche said.

The tests of 11 employees at the Kumanovo hospital were proven positive. This number compromises the work of the hospital’s infectious department. Because of that, two doctors from Skopje and Shtip have been sent there to provide assistance.

The minister also informed that there are enough tests. He said there is enough funds in the budget for this purpose. He thanked for the help that arrived from the Slovenian government including the aid from the European Union in the amount of 4 million euros that will be allocated to upgrade the capacities.