The children in Gevgelija aren’t positive to Covid-19, there will be additional examinations to determine what is happening


A team of specialists today will be examining the type of respiratory infection after the Ministry of Health informed that in the past month at the hospital in Gevgelija, medical help was asked by parents of 50 children and babies with symptoms of respiratory infections, unspecific for this period of the year. Macedonia’s Health Minister Venko Filipche gave a statement where he said that the PCR tests didn’t show the presence of the SARS‑CoV‑2 and the examination will continue until they find out what it’s happening.

“I spoke with the director of the hospital in Gevgelija, who provided me more information about 20 children. That is why we have sent a team of specialists, a pediatrician, pulmonologist, and a cardiologist from the Children’s Clinic to go there and talk with their colleagues because, as the director has said, the clinical picture and diseases are unspecific and untypical for this period of the year but are typical for the fall period. With the PCR tests, it was proven that this is not the result of the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus, but we have to know what is happening. We shall see whether is necessary additional samples to be taken. I have no information whether something similar has happened in another city”, said the Minister.

At the moment, only two babies were hospitalized at the hospital in Gevgelija due to their age, and 20 children are receiving therapy but were not hospitalized. As was informed by the Ministry of Health, the hospital in Gevgelija has implemented all health protocols for treating young patients, but due to the non-specificity of the infections themselves that have appeared during the warm period, additional analyses will have to be conducted.

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