The extended central presidency of DUI is having a discussion at Mala Rechica


The extended Central presidency of DUI gathered today at the party’s headquarters in Mala Rechica in order to decide about the possible coalition with VMRO-DPMNE regarding the new government.

So far, DUI won’t let the journalists to tape nor they have announced whether they would issue a statement or whether there would be an announcement regarding the decision about the potential coalition.

A large number of news teams are gathered in one of the rooms at DUI’s headquarters in Mala Rechica and are awaiting any kind of information.

DUI’s spokesperson Bujar Osmani last night said that it is important that the decision should be good instead of timely.

We are aware of the deadlines, the whole situation and we wish a solution can be found in order to achieve political stability. But firstly, it is important that the decision should be a good one instead of timely one – said Osmani.

Last night in Mala Rechica, the president of DUI, Ali Ahmeti spoke with the vice presidents and the talks are continuing today.

The deadline for forming a new government is expiring tomorrow (29th of January) when the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski should announce whether and with which party he would form a coalition.

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