A guidebook for journalists was published today titled “The Census as a Topic”. The goal of this guidebook is to contribute to more knowledgeable and socially responsible writing about the census and its role in the promotion of the quality of people’s lives.

The goal is to make noise in the public discourse through the journalists about the meaning of this activity and this statistical activity isn’t turned into political action as it is often done in our society. The guidebook is for journalists with the goal to stress all those sides of the census except for the political dimension that has been accented mostly in our country. Since the census is politicized and with it the counting of two major ethnic communities is emphasized ” said Jasna Bachovska Nedik, the author of the guidebook and a professor at the Law faculty in Skopje.

She also said that this guidebook will help to direct the journalists’ attention and to instigate socially responsible journalism in order for the general public to put pressure for a quicker implementation of the census.

The Director of the State Bureau of Statistics, Apostol Simovski stated that it is recommended that the journalists should strictly adhere to what is written in the guidebook in order to prevent reporting false information.

The census is a statistical activity and not a political, informs the guidebook for journalists.