The new clinical center will be completed in seven years and the whole project will cost 500 million euros, money which will come from the following banks: Erste Group, Raiffeisen Bank and Unicredit Bank, informed Health Minister Venko Filipche. He announced that the construction works will start at the beginning of next year.

-The first phase will be completed in three and a half years, when certain departments will be transferred. The Surgery clinics will be the first, including the Surgery center and the Emergency center. This will be followed by Gynecology clinics, pediatricians and then oncology. The infrastructure will be paid with money from the budget. This is the most important capital object of significance for the whole country. It shall feature modern ways of providing healthcare in ways that modern states function. All will be located in one building and everything will be in one place – said Filipche.

He stressed that the new clinical center should serve the citizens in the next 70-80 years.