The exotic Caribbean islands are on the list of five biggest foreign investor in Macedonia during last year shows the data provided by the National Bank.

The top ranked country is Turkey which last year invested 52.4 million euros and the second ranked are the Bahamas with invested 45.6 million euros.

The thirdly ranked is Germany with investments in the amount of 44.3 million euros and is followed by the Bermudas (29.8 million euros) and Netherlands (27.1 million euros).

The calculations show that with total investments of 75.4 million euros, the Bahamas and the Bermudas were among the most significant foreign investors during the previous year especially if the total sum of foreign investments was 326.3 million euros.

Both Caribbean islands are known as tax havens where there is no need of proof of origin of capitol, and they often appear on the list of biggest investors in the country.

Meta already informed that even in 2018 these two islands were among the biggest five foreign investors.