Tomorrow at 14:00pm , Albanian political parties will have a meeting at the parliament on the invitation of NDP’s Vesel Memedi. The Besa Movement and DPA still haven’t responded officially to the invitation.

“In accordance with the Declaration of the Albanian political parties that was brought on the 7th of January this year and the obligations that are resulted from having regular meetings at a round table for joint monitoring of the process of implementation of the declaration, I’m honered to summon you at the next meeting of the presidents of the Albanian parliamentary parties that will take place in the premises of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia starting at 14h” said the press release.

At the previous meeting that took place at the Alexander Palas hotel on the 28th of June, DPA accepted the invitation for the first time while Besa rejected the invitation.

After the meeting, DUI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, said that most of the requests of the Albanian political parties are part of the government’s program.

-We compared the programs of the Albanian political parties and we came to a conclusion that parts of those programs are already included in the program of the new government. What remains is to have these meetings to continue happening – said Ali Ahmeti.