Скопскиот аеродром е еден од успешните примери за јавно-приватно партнерство

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has put the railway project that connects from the Transport center with the International Airport Skopje along with several projects for which it will apply for support from the EU and other international financial institutions. The ministry has confirmed for Meta.mk that during the second half of 2019 it has submitted at the Secretariat for European Issues a list of projects from the domain of transport where this project was designated as priority.

-The identification of the needs and projects on this list is a pre-condition in order to be able to demand financial help from the EU and other international institutions – stressed the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Since October last year, the Public Enterprise for Railway Infrastructure of Republic of North Macedonia has issued a statement that it is ready to carry this project where there will be a direct railway link between the center of Skopje and the airport. In order for this project to be accomplished a feasibility study has to be carried out and a project documentation, including providing finances for the projects.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has already included the project for the introduction of an airport train as part of the National strategy for the period 2018-2030. The initial evaluation is that this project’s realization will be around 30 million euros. With this project, a new branch line from the railway stations Ilinden and Miladinovci will be built including a railway station at the International airport Skopje.

In the past period, Meta.mk wrote about that the introduction of this railway line will allow the citizens to travel from the Skopje airport twice as fast and three to four times cheaper compared to the current bus line.