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Two people were injured, several roofs of buildings and houses were torn off or damaged, a large number of facilities, streets, and underpasses were flooded, and hundreds of trees were ripped and torn down. This is the outcome of yesterday’s storm that hit the capital Skopje in the afternoon hours with strong wind, a downpour of rain, hail and thunder. The Hydrometeorological Service (UHMR) issued a storm alert for today and the next several days, when storms in the afternoon hours are highly possible.

Откорнат покрив на зграда на Ул. 23 Октомври во општина Аеродром 31.08.2022 г. | Фото: Мета.мк

The Crisis Management Center informed that due to the enormous number of reports they have forwarded 180 reports to the emergency phone numbers 112 and 195 about damages from yesterday’s storm in Skopje. More than 40 reports about fallen trees were forwarded including 80 reports of flooded facilities, 20 reports about damaged vehicles, 20 reports about flooded streets and underpasses, 15 reports about damaged roofs, and 5 reports about downed conductors, tilted poles, and other electrical problems.

Among the flooded facilities is the new shopping mall in Skopje, the East Gate Mall.

In order to repair the consequences of the storm, various public enterprises in Skopje and civil services in the municipalities of Centar, Aerodrom, Karposh, Kisela Voda, Gazi Baba, Chair and Butel were working until late last night. During yesterday’s storm, two people were injured as well, when a tree fell down on their car, but both are in good health condition.

Откорнати дрвја во општина Аеродром по невремето во Скопје, 31.08.2022 г. | Фото: Мета.мк

The EVN electricity supplier company informed that yesterday’s storm caused defects in the electric grid caused by thunder and the strong wind in several regions of the city. Most of the damage was repaired during the night, apart from the villages of Dvorce and Radusha in the Saraj municipality where its people still have no electricity.

The danger of new storms in the afternoon hours continues until Friday. The Hydrometeorological Service issued a weather alert, stressingthat this kind of weather will continue until the 2nd of September. In the afternoon hours in several locations, in the period from Wednesday until Friday, there will be a downpour of rain and thunder, and locally, the rain will intensify with strong wind, thunder, and hail. This weather report is also forecasted for the Skopje region and the temperature will be 30 degrees Celsius.