The state institutions debt was 363 million euros on May 31st, this year, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski informs today.

He added that the review of unpaid liabilities was made on a data basis that budget users, funds, public enterprises and municipalities have presented to the Ministry, and therefore, and now, their credibility can not be guaranteed.

“The amount for the unpaid liabilities of the budget users is 5.1 billion MKD, to the funds – 30 million MKD and to the local institutions financed through “blok” donations is 833 million MKD”, said Tevdovski.

The biggest debt is in the field of culture, and it is 2.4 billion MKD. The actual amount of the unpaid obligations has been intended for the construction of the Philharmonic Hall, the Drama Theater, the Mother Teresa Museum and the theatre in Veles.

The unpaid liabilities of the public health institutions is 3.2 billion MKD. The biggest debts belong to the Institute for Transfusion and Medicine (283 million MKD), City Hospital “8 September” (226 million MKD), the Clinic for Surgical Diseases “St. Naum Ohridski “(201 million MKD).

“Public enterprises have unpaid liabilities in the amount of 6 billion MKD. The biggest ones in debt are the following: “MZ Transport” owing 2,439 MKD million, MEPSO (977 million MKD) and “Makedonija Pat” (779 million MKD) in debt due to unpaid tax”, added Tevdovski.

Municipalities have unpaid liabilities and the amount is 4.6 billion MKD, while the biggest debts are Municipality of Ohrid ( 719 million MKD), Municipality of Tetovo (499 million MKD) and Karpos Municipality (476 million MKD).

The Minister of Finance informs that he is currently negotiating with the World Bank to find a way to settle these obligations. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance plans to upgrade the software for unpaid obligations, so they can be systematically recorded and viewed in real time.