About 200 people, with protection masks and banners with slogans “Stop ecological genocide”, today rallied outside the complex “Jugohrom”, reported “Nova TV”.

The organizer of the protest is the movement “Eco Guerrilla”, which members once again asked the leadership of the complex to install filters on the chimneys.

– We are protesting against air pollution in Tetovo by the complex “Jugohro”, which constantly poisons the citizens of Tetovo. We are here to ask them to install filters and we will not give up on our demands – said Arijanit Xhaferi, president of the movement “Eco Guerrilla”.

Participants of the protest announced such gatherings for the following period as well.

Because of the violation of the statutory deadline for installing filters, “Jugohrom”, by order of the Government is working with half capacity, but the air in Tetovo is still heavily polluted.