It’s been hard, but Macedonia has shown solidarity and humanity towards refugees


In the past few months we have witnessed tremendous solidarity and humanity from  Macedonian citizens to refugees who have fled their homes. It’s been really hard watching what happens at the border, but Macedonia is much more than a picture of  police brutality. Said activist Mersiha Smailovik at today’s gathering in support of the refugees organised by “Solidarity”.

“For me the refugees are a blessing because they managed to do something that no other project did. They united us, united in the same goal to help and be humane. We live in an earthquake prone area and we can never be sure that we are safe, therefore we should help other because one day, we might find ourselves in a similar situation or worse. I have to say, that this year while helping refugees I met so many wonderful and inspiring people. I can also say that whoever visited Lence Zdravkin’s front garden, will leave Macedonia with a positive memory. She has put the rest of us to shame”, said Mr Smailovik.

Gabriela Andreevska also addressed citizens today and spoke of several situations she had encountered, and will remember for the rest of her life.

“Often people ask, why we volunteer, the only answer to that question is, that I am human, and those refugees passing through our borders are people. Everyone should search within, and find solidarity and help when they can”, said Ms Andreevska.

Zdravko Saveski from the organisation “Solidarity”, said that refugees are welcome and they want this event to send the message against xenophobia and against the latest suggestion to build a fence on the border with Greece.

Suad Mesini who a few months ago went on a hunger strike demanding that the problems in the refugee processing centre in Gazi Baba to be resolved.

“Solidarity, empathy and tolerance, it is what makes us human. Those who enjoy their blood money do not want to accept that those policies aren’t theirs to implement, they are ours”, said Mesini.

Today which is European Day for refugees, and today’s gathering on Square Macedonia was attended by several dozen people, some brought donations that will later be given to refugees.

The event was organized by leftist movement “Solidarity”.

The rally handed out leaflets that read “Refugees Welcome”, “Protect people not borders”, “Borders are illegal, not movement” and “Stop labeling the people.”

Organizers urged people to donate an umbrella, food, coats for the rain and autumn and winter shoes for refugees to use as the season changes.


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