The “Alexander the Great” airport is open and the air traffic is continuing normally after yesterday’s delay of the Turkish airlines’ flight from Skopje to Istanbul, announced “TAV Makedonija.”

The company’s representatives announced that yesterday, during a regular security control of the airplane before the evening flight to Istanbul, a mobile phone was found, after which an additional control was performed and after a few hours the airplane took off.

“Because of the air company’s security regulations and the captain’s decision, the airplane returned to its parking lot for an additional control. This is a standard international procedure that is carried out for the security of the airplanes and its passengers. Because of this regulation, the flight was delayed. When all of the necessary conditions were met, the captain decided to continue with the flight and the airplane took off to Istanbul at 22.56, as was announced by “TAV Makedonija”

The delay of Turkish Airlines’ flight to Istanbul was also the reason why a delegation headed by the president of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov had to cancel their flight.  From the presidential cabinet, we were informed that due to security procedures, the president Ivanov and the members of the delegation did not travel to Istanbul, from where they were supposed to travel to Madagascar at the Summit of Francophony.