Taxi driver from Kochani released from the police station in Polikastro


The taxi driver from Kochani, who was caught up in the floods near Kilkis, is released by the Greek police authorities and will return to Macedonia shortly.

The Kochani citizen yesterday was part of a human tragedy in Greece when, due to bad weather, his vehicle, in which he transported a Greek citizen from Macedonia to Greece, fell in an irrigation canal between Polikastro and Kilkis. The taxi driver managed to get out of the vehicle, but his passenger failed to escape and died in the flood.

This morning, the Kochani citizen was summoned to the police station in Polikastro to make a statement on the unfortunate case to police authorities. Attorney for assistance during the statement and the translation attended the examination. After the announcement, the taxi driver was released and he awaits representatives of the Kochani taxi company in order to return to Macedonia. The vehicle will be taken and returned to Macedonia once the weather calms down and the land around the canal is dried.

The  Macedonian Consulate in Thessaloniki, which helped and was constantly in contact with the 42-year-old Kochani citizen from the first moment when he was called to the police station in Polikastro until his release, was informed about the case.

The accident happened yesterday, at part of the road between Kilkis and Polikastro. The taxi vehicle with Macedonian license plates transported the Greek citizen from Kochani to Kilkis. According to the Greek media, while driving on a country road, in the attempt to turn the vehicle, it fell into the ditch for irrigation affected by heavy rains and floods in Kilkis and near Polikastro.

The taxi driver managed to get out of the vehicle, but his passenger failed to do so. The taxi driver immediately called for help and alerted the police, which briefly reached the scene. The search for the vehicle and the passenger lasted all night, but they were found this morning.

The deceased passenger is one of two victims of the storm that hit northern Greece yesterday. In Thessaloniki, on account of the flood, 50-year-old man, whose body was found in a river in the settlement Nea Philadelphia in Thessaloniki, lost his life.

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