Take a look at the newest game trailers from Gamescom 2021


Marvel Midnight Sons is the newest Marvel game that was worked upon by the same people that made Civilization. The game is going to be a tactical turn based strategy. 

According to the story your character is going to be a son or a daughter of Lilith -The Queen of Demons and it’s going to be a legendary demon hunter that will train and fight alongside with the superheroes like Wolverine, Blade, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and many other heroes from the Marvel Universe. Between the fights and missions there is going to be a withdrawal to the main base where The Hunter (The main character) will hang out with and befriend heroes, the more you hang out with any of the superheroes the stronger that hero or heroinе will be in combat. After the big success of the Facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance, a game that was canceled after several years that was tactical and turn-based. Also it’s been a long wait for this type of Marvel game to come out again, let us hope that this game will be far better than the previous Marvel games. 




In the game Sifu  you play as a martial arts master that is on a mission to revenge his family and to get to the 5 main people that are responsible for that and are leaders of different ninja clans. There is an interesting mechanic in the game -if you die in combat your character ages more and more with each next death. The combat is very well made and it reminds of the games Enter the Matrix and Path of Neo, there are all kinds of techniques for attack, defense, counter striking and grapples and according to the trailer the game is filled with action and attractive looking hits and kicks and martial arts techniques. It is expected for this game to require a lot of skill and good reflexes that makes the game even more fun.     




Vampire the Masquerade Blood Hunt is one of the long expected games and its part of the one of best known series of games about vampires. The first game Vampire the Masquerade Redemption was great, a very well made game for its time with a rich narrative and a long story, especially because the action was set in the middle ages and in modern times and it had several different alternative endings. In the first game the main character Christof was in the Brujah clan, while in the second game you could choose a clan at the beginning between Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Ventrue, Malkavian, Tremere and Toreador. This will probably be the same in the newest game of the series. The Toreador Clan presented in the trailer of Blood Hunt is a clan of both artists and warriors vampires that spend special attention on their looks and style. According to the trailer it is expected for this game to pass the standards for a great game in relation to its prequels. 





Dying light 2 Stay Human is an upgraded version of the first game that was a massive success, especially about the fact that it was worked on the best parkour jumping and climbing in a theme of “Zombie Apocalypse”. While in the first game the katana was an overpowering weapon that could be used in any situation even on larger boss enemies in the second part of the game even the combat is a combination of jumping and hitting, likewise there is a block, parry and counter strikes with a weapon, jumping over an enemy and hitting another with kicks  and the parkour itself is more acrobatic and seems “more real” than in the first part of the game. The fact that this a game from the Polish studio Techland is especially important for a developer that has gotten world fame for this game and still holds it.    




Deathloop is a strange and interesting game, it is a FPS also with Stealth depending on the approach you wanna take and the action is in a time loop that repeats itself like an instance where you have to find a way to break the cycle. The cycle lasts for “24 hours” in the game but the time in the game has a dawn, afternoon, night which passes very fast and then you play through the same stage again if you don’t make it. You can keep some of the items and weapons and you do more attempts until you make it and break the cycle. It is a fun game with time travel that can keep your attention. 


Other honorable mentions from Gamescom 2021 are Elden Ring for which a 17 minutes stream of gameplay came out and it wasn’t allowed to be shown so they re-tell it while there is no footage of that but they used previous older already seen sequences of the game, Horizon Forbidden West for which they showed a few seconds of gameplay and the rest is a word from the developers and the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge that reminds of an old penny arcade game. 




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