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Military service is voluntary for women in Ukraine

The post disinforms that NATO is pushing Ukraine to fight to the last Ukrainian. This narrative undermines thousands of soldiers in Ukraine, including patriotic defence actions carried out to defend themselves from Russian aggression. It is not true that no more men are left so Zelenskyy is “sending women to be killed on the front”. Women voluntarily serve and...

With a Fake Photo, the Public is Being Deceived that Zelensky Participated in a Gay Parade

A photo of several people posing at a gay parade accompanies the post. In the photo, there is a person with Zelensky’s face. Truthmeter looked up the same photo through the Tin Aye search engine and found it was taken in 2006, not 1999 as claimed in the post. Zelensky is not in the original photo, writes Truthmeter.mk. Under the...