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Truthmeter’s Editor-in-Chief Petreski: Western Balkans a target of foreign disinformation campaigns; we are working on revealing them

The malign influences which utilize disinformation spreads in the Western Balkans have a regional nature, and, as a result, one disinformation is crossing the border from one country to another and then it returns to the country of origin in a very degenerated form, and this can cause even greater damage, pinpointed Vladimir Petreski, the Editor-in-Chief of "Truthmeter.mk in...

Metamorphosis Foundation panel discussion: Fact-checking provides citizens with right information necessary to make right decisions

The fact-checking is just a small part of the fight against disinformation, which is a hard and arduous undertaking in this digital age, amidst the rising impact of social networking on our lives. This is the conclusion of the panel discussion on the occasion of the 2nd of April – The International Fact-Checking Day, which was organized by the...