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Tag: Владимир Панчевски

Judicial Council of North Macedonia dismisses Judge Sofija Lalichik

The Judicial Council voted yesterday to dismiss Judge Sofija Lalichik from the Criminal Court in Skopje, North Macedonia. The decision was reached with 11 votes in favor of and 2 votes against. The explanation for this motion was that Judge Lalichik showed incompetence and exercised malpractice in her work. Otherwise, Judge Lalichik can be heard in the "bombs" that the...

Three and a half years prison sentence for ex-president of Criminal Court Skopje

The ex-president of the Criminal Court –Skopje, Vladimir Panchevski, was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment for abuse of authority. He was charged with personally selecting and delegating court cases to judges of his liking, thereby circumventing the case delegating software ACMIS. The sentence was passed late last night in the Basic Court – Veles. The prosecution charged...