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Instead of building a ski resort, develop sustainable tourism on Jablanica, WWF and Eco-Consiousness appeal

Following the statement made by the Director of the Invest in North Macedonia Agency, Dejan Pavleski about the plans for building a luxurious ski resort on the Jablanica Mountain in the south-west corner of North Macedonia, the World Wildlife Fund - WWF and the Eco-Consciousness Institute from Skopje object that these plans run against the principles of protecting the...

Macedonian President Pendarovski and the Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned the burning of the Bulgarian flag at the Vevchani Carnival

President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski condemned the act of burning the Bulgarian flag at the Vevchani Carnival. "The burning of the Bulgarian flag during the Vevchani Carnival is inadmissible and it must be condemned. It is necessary to build trust, understanding, and respect among the neighbors," wrote Pendarovski on his official Facebook page. The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA) of North...

Vevchani under masks

This year as well, Vevchani residents showed occurrences in the country through satire, such as EVN and the electricity problems during New Year holidays.

Vevchani Carnival begins tonight

The main music program in Vevchani begins tonight. In addition, tomorrow night is the main event - the carnival with most original masks. Attendees will party with “Superhiks” and “Prljavo kazalishte”. “BBC” will make a documentary about this original event that reflects the old traditions of Vevchani residents. The main parade of masks of the carnival will start tomorrow at noon.

Vevchani residents welcomed New Year in darkness and cold

Vevchani residents welcomed New Year in darkness, frozen and angry at the authorities, who left them without electricity at a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius for days. They demand the problem to be urgently solved because they suffer major damage, their appliances are breaking down, they have no phones, and they buy candles and batteries every day. Vevchani residents announced...