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Concessionaire terminates contract for arsenic exploitation at Lojane, North Macedonia

Turkish company Kaltun Madencilik A.Ş submitted a request to the Ministry of Economy of North Macedonia for unilateral termination of the concession agreement due to lack of economic interest for further execution of the concession to exploit the deposited arsenic, informed the Ministry of Economy. The Turkish concessionaire in 2014 signed an agreement with the Macedonian government for exploitation of...

Thousands of people in Kumanovo region in past 4 decades have been poisoned by arsenic and other toxic deposits

In the past several decades, the villages of Tabanovce, Lojane and Vaksince in the Kumanovo region have been continuously poisoned by arsenic and other toxic elements that had been dispersed on two locations near the border of North Macedonia with Serbia. At the first location, in the proximity of the Tabanovce Railway Station there is an illegal dump with hundreds...