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Montenegrin teenagers publish an antiwar song for the children of Ukraine

Young Montenegrin singers Milica Radan and Komnen Vuković, together with the choir D-mol, published a video clip for their antiwar song devoted to the children of Ukraine "Vratite nam snove" ("Bring back our dreams") on March 17. The song is a message demanding an end to the war and promoting empathy for the suffering children. The video clip includes subtitles...

Video for Eurovision song “Autumn Leaves” launched

The video for the song "Autumn Leaves" with which Daniel Kajmakoski will perform on Eurovision this year in Vienna, Austria was officially launched today. The music and lyrics of the English version of the song was prepared by Swede Joakim Persson, and the arrangement and production was prepared by Robert Bilbilov. - I strongly believe in Robert Bilbilov, he is a...

Dani sends all her love with the new song “Shine”

“Happy New Year, shine and be your own, let this song be on repeat” is the message that Dani sends with her new song.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4NUAyaErWc