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Katica Janeva wants more jurisdiction on protected witnesses

Katica Janeva with the amendments on the the existing law on protected witnesses is going to request a an upgrade on the use these kind of witnesses. At the same time, with these amendments she'll be requesting by law for the Special Prosecution to be able to propose and seek protection for certain witnesses, confirmed the spokeswoman for the...

Are VMRO-DPMNE preparing protests against Janeva?

When the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva gave her consent to the proposal brought by the defence attorneys of Zoran Veruvshevski and Gorgi Lazarevski in the “Putsch” case for them to to be released from remand, it caused quite a heated reaction from the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE. They responded that the 'people could turn on her', i.e. GDOM (Civil Defence...