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Tag: “Sinohydro”

Behind the scenes: Chinese influence in North Macedonia

(Main photo: Commercial for the Belt and Road Initiative in one of the Macedonian trains purchased from China reading “Speed up the Belt initiative, Charming Macedonia") It took North Macedonia only a few years to dramatically change its bilateral relationship with China. In 1999, it was the sole European country that recognized Taiwan as an independent state, besides the Vatican....

The Shtip – Kochani Expressway is half a year late

Izvor: Vlada na RM
Instead of this month, as originally scheduled, , the first stage of the construction of the new expressway linking Stip - Kocani will be finished at the end of the year. The Public Enterprise for State Roads say that they faced unresolved land expropriation and additional works that were not foreseen in the design phase, including the newly discovered archaeological...