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The state of online free expression worldwide in 2022

 "From internet shutdowns, crackdowns on expression and closed-door partnerships to attempts to restrict anonymity and end to end encryption, in many places, digital rights are under threat," writes IFEX.org in this article republished by Meta.mk. This statement was originally published by the IFEX member Electronic Fronteer Foundation - EFF.org on 27 December 2022.It’s been a tumultuous year for free expression...

US Embassy will continue to issue visas despite the government shutdown

The US Embassy in Skopje stated that passports and their visa service, as well as urgent cases for US citizens, will continue operate despite the government shutdown.   Scheduled passport and visas services, and emergency services for U.S. citizens, will continue at the Embassy during the U.S. government shutdown. We will not be updating this account regularly, except in the event...