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Retired colonel of the Yugoslav counterintelligence speculates that CIA is working against Serbia from a car dealership in Skopje

Several Serbian media outlets have recently promoted a conspiracy theory – the counterintelligence services of the Balkan countries, in a car dealership in Skopje, are preparing to assassinate Serbian oppositionists. Afterwards, the “West” would blame these crimes on Vučić’s government. The Serbian weekly newspaper ”Pečat“ in the issue released on 19 July 2019, published a text entitled: “Noose for Serbia” (original:...

Pro-government media “predict” Ukrainian scenario on Sunday

Opposition preparing for a chaos in the streets of Skopje or, perhaps, attempt of the Government through pro-government media to demotivate and frightened citizens who plan to be part of a big protest gathering scheduled for Sunday, 17th of May. Some portals and pro-government media has gone far and frequently write and broadcast reports in which cite "their" or sources...