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Counter-spin: Sulejman Rexhepi through a spin ended in hate speech

Фото: Борче Поповски
There isn’t a single nation that can be characterized as “wild animals”. There is no such nation, a nation “without an identity” or a “heartless nation”. Stereotypes, insults and chauvinist statements! And to this instance of hate speech, Rexhepi arrived through twisting yet another truth - there is no ban on the construction of mosques, and their number of...

SDSM’s “bombs” were removed by a user who also blocked the videos made by the Colorful revolution

The seventeen “bombs” that were erased from SDSM’s Youtube channel were removed after a report made by “OMD Network,” which is the user who has done the same so far (requesting to remove) “Nova TV’s” videos of the Colorful revolution and the student protests that were published on Youtube, writes “Nova TV.” Still, as it states after the argumentation...

Charges for Director of the State Inspectorate for Agriculture

Gevgelija police filed criminal charges against R.S., Director of the State Inspectorate for Agriculture due to abuse of power and authority. In opposition to the legislation, he prepared two official acts that obliged the Ministry to sign leases of agricultural land with the company “Di Si Mila” Ltd. from Star Dojran and “Milena Prom 2000” Ltd from Nov Dojran,...