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Car ownership in North Macedonia rose to record high – 66.8% of households reported owning a car in 2021

Safeguarding the environment through the fight against climate change and air pollution in the cities throughout North Macedonia is something that exists only in theory. In reality, the data provided by the State Statistical Office - SSO show that unlike any period before, the number of Macedonian households owning a passenger vehicle last year has climbed to 66.8%. The analysis...

In single decade in North Macedonia 150,000 registered vehicles more, most of them pre-owned

From 350,762 registered vehicles in 2012 up to 500,633 vehicles with North Macedonia registry plates last year! In less than a decade, the number of vehicles traversing North Macedonia's roads has increased by 150,000. What is causing a great concern is that these are mostly older vehicles which are heavy polluters. The national data provided by the State Statistical Office...