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Gruevski: SDSM got scared and that is why it sped up the vote for the new government at the Parliament

SDSM is scared of the public’s judgement and VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs, and that it is keen to start with the vote for the new government and it wants to pass through unnoticedly in the Parliament, said VMRo-DPMNE’s president, Nikola Gruevski, during his visit to the unfinished new building of the Holding company for building and managing with housing and business...

Zaev and Ahmeti have agreed to intensify the number of meetings

SDSM's party leader and mandatary, Zoran Zaev and DUI's president Ali Ahmeti, at today's meeting didn't talk about the personnel for the ministries and this subject has been postponed only to be discussed at other meetings, said SDSM's brief statement issued after the meeting. The subjects discussed at today's meeting, which is the first as part of the...