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Tag: ОсновенСудСкопје1

Eight paroles and an imprisonment sentence for protesters of 5th of May

Eight out of the nine protesters who were accused of violence during the protests in front of the Government on 5th of May, were sentenced to parole of three months in Basic Court Skopje 1 today. The paroles will not be executed if convicted do not commit another crime within one year. One of the defendants is convicted to an effective...

Court of Appeal gave journalist Kezharovski two years prison

Journalist Tomislav Kezharovski was sentenced to two years prison by the Court of Appeal, which decision was today submitted by Basic Court Skopje 1, announced the court. The verdict of the Court of Appeal follows after the Kezharovski’s complaint to the first-instance verdict with which he was sentenced to four and a half years prison for the case “Liquidation” and...