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Gender Equality Platform: We demand control of the work of the prosecutors who do not perform their duties in expert and professional manner [Photo gallery]

We demand efficient and effective protection of the victims of gender-based violence. Therefore, Ljubomir Jovevski, the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of North Macedonia, and Aco Kolevski, the Chair of the Council of Public Prosecutors, we remind you about your obligation to timely and effectively conduct the criminal prosecution of the perpetrators in accordance with the Criminal Code, said...

Protest in North Macedonia against the “Javna soba” Telegram group for nude photos [Photo gallery]

"Javna soba is a crime act," "The state that oppresses is a state that rapes," "It is not your fault," were some of the slogans that were chanted during yesterday's protest about the Javna soba group on Telegram, where men criminally distributed nude photos of girls and women mostly from North Macedonia. The protest started in front of the Interior...