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Prosecution raids the State Election Commission to investigate the acquisition of the software

The offices of the State Election Commission (SEC) of North Macedonia were raided by the Basic Public Prosecution for Organized Crime, which investigates whether there was a felony during the tendering procedure for the acquisition of this institution's software. During the raid, the tender documentation was seized which will help to determine whether the legal procedures were observed during...

Municipality of Tetovo states it has used 122.000 euros from IPA funding in order to provide a cleaner city

In October last year, the municipality of Tetovo promised that in 2019 they will be acquiring 200 new garbage cans that will be placed all over the city. The municipality has confirmed for Portalb.mk that it has purchased 150 waste containers financed from European funding. The municipality of Tetovo informed that it has used 7.320.000 (122.000 euros) from IPA...