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MPs will vote today on Janeva’s budget

MPs at today's Parliamentary session will have to approve the budget for the Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, so she can actually begin to work. The Funds amount to 63,420,428 denars, or approximately one million euros for the last quarter of 2015,  as indicated in the decision, are designed for continuous operations and autonomous operations of the Public Prosecution for...

Hahn: EU is giving 600 million euro to West Balkans for infrastructure development

EU Commissioner for expansion Johanes Hahn tweeted today that the EU has given 600 million euro to West Balkan countries for infrastructure projcects. Infrastructure connectivity between West Balkan countries is one of the topics discussed at the conference in Vienna. "#Connectivity agenda boosts econom. development + competitiveness in #WB. EU finances infrastructureprojects worth 600 mio € in 2015" 2/3 — Johannes Hahn (@JHahnEU) August 27,...