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Improving air quality in Skopje needs more assets and stricter controls

In order to see tangible improvement of the air quality in Skopje in 2 to 3 years, bold and all-encompassing activities for solving the problem with air pollution are necessary, not just some minor assets from the budgets allocated each year for this purpose. The priority should be the decrease of the pollution with PM particles, and those that...

With mobile application “National Park Galicica“, the beauties of Galicica became available to everyone

The mobile application "National Park Galichica“ allows all visitors to experience the breathtaking beauty of national park Galichica in a unique manner with the most important information at their disposal. Through this mobile application, all nature lovers, even those that aren't able to visit the park, will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the type of trails that are...

SpeakOut: Better mental health through anonymous conversations and debates

Speak Out
The improvement of mental health through anonymous conversation is the goal of the new platform that was recently put into use in North Macedonia. The SpeakOut application will be fighting the mental health stigma among the young through lectures and discussions and will be stressing the importance of the mental health. "The idea behind this application comes from the ‘Generation...