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Karakachanov ignores history and even agreements signed by his own government

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov and President of the VMRO-BND, followed by Bulgarian MEP Andrej Kovachev of the GERB, both members of the Bulgarian political right-wing party, have expressed severe views regarding the Macedonian national identity this weekend and threatened to block Macedonia's membership in the EU and NATO if Macedonia continues to talk about the Macedonian...

Kukan: The ratification of the Treaty with Bulgaria is a positive step forward

Today, MEP Eduard Kukan, welcomed the ratification of the Treaty for good relations with Bulgaria, calling it a positive step forward in regional cooperation. He tweeted:   Good news from #Macedonia #Sobranie as the Friendship Treaty with #Bulgaria is ratified. Positive step forward, hope it will further enhance regional cooperation 🇲🇰 — Eduard Kukan (@EduardKukan) January 16, 2018 Otherwise, Kukan is part of...