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One of the three Macedonians on board of the ship in Yokohama infected with a corona virus

One of the three Macedonians that are quarantined on board of “Diamond Princess” ship that is anchored at the port in Yokohama has a corona virus (COVID-19), announced today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). After this case was confirmed, he was hospitalized in a hospital in Japan. The Macedonian Embassy in Tokyo has contacted the aforementioned...

Macedonian to face 17 years in prison for selling stolen financial data

This past Friday, the Brooklyn federal court has charged Macedonian citizen Dzevair Ametovski as guilty for fraud and selling personal data from stolen credit cards through a web site named "codeshop", US prosecutors said. The 30-year-old Ametovski is facing up 17 years imprisonment and his attorneys, state American media, will not comment on the verdict. Ametovski, who prosecutors say was known...