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Skopje is suffocating with PM10 particles and the levels in Karpoš were 24 times higher than permitted

This morning, air pollution in Skopje is four to seven times larger than the maximum permitted levels prescribed by the European Union of 50 mg/m3. This morning at 9 o’clock, according to data taken from measuring stations, the level of PM10 particles in the Skopje’s municipalities was: Rectory 379.41 mg/m3, Center 323.27 mg/m3, Karpoš 305.86 mg/m3, Gazi Baba 285.72...

Hundreds of citizens protested against the destruction of green areas in Karpos

Hundreds of people blocked Partizanska Boulevard by "Skopje City Mall" to express their anger against the non-transparent detailed urban plan of the Municipality of Karpos. They protested against the cutting down of trees and the destruction of green spaces in exchange for the construction of buildings. With shouts of "Ya Mafia", "Karpos is ours" and banners reading "Children need to breathe...