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The state of online free expression worldwide in 2022

 "From internet shutdowns, crackdowns on expression and closed-door partnerships to attempts to restrict anonymity and end to end encryption, in many places, digital rights are under threat," writes IFEX.org in this article republished by Meta.mk. This statement was originally published by the IFEX member Electronic Fronteer Foundation - EFF.org on 27 December 2022.It’s been a tumultuous year for free expression...

First group of 149 Afghani nationals arrives in North Macedonia, mostly members of international organizations

The first group of 149 Afghani nationals arrived at the International airport in Skopje late last night. Immediately upon arrival, a pregnant woman with her husband and child were transported to the University Clinic of Gynecology in Skopje for checkup while another emergency vehicle was used for transporting a person that collapsed. The Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani, who greeted...