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DEBATE Growing Chinese influence in North Macedonia, while the citizens are dreaming of China as an economic giant

The direct investments in the economy, infrastructure, telecommunications, media, the academic cooperation with universities and the operations of the “Confucius” institutes are strategic instruments of the Chinese influence, not only in North Macedonia, but in other countries as well. Macedonian media do not report enough on the Chinese “soft power” in the country, while the citizens create an abstract,...

Verushevski tells Ivanov: My Influence Over the Intelligence Services has Never Been Bigger Than it is Today

My influence over the Intelligence services has never been bigger than it is today,  said the former Head of Security and Counter Intelligence Agency (UBK) Zoran Verushevski, in reaction to an interview given by President Gjorgi Ivanov to "Dnevnik". "Georgie" mentioned me in “Dnevnik”- I would like to answer him with one sentence: Ivanov is lying to the domestic and...