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Buying Russian gas through a Bulgarian gas pipeline – so far the best solution for the tepid radiators in Skopje

So far, the Government of North Macedonia doesn't have any stable option for buying gas for the central heating system in the capital Skopje, apart from purchasing gas from the Russian state company Gazprom through the gas pipeline from Bulgaria to Kumanovo. But, seeing what happened at the end of the last heating season and taking into account the...

Kochovski: Macedonian steel is not directly affected by the tariffs announced by Trump

The announcement of the introduction of import tariffs for steel and aluminum products by US President Donald Trump for the United States, will not effect Macedonian producers directly, because that specific market is not targeted, stated for “Meta” the president of the Metallurgy Association and director of "Makstil", Mitko Kochovski, during the Economy Chamber of Macedonia However, he explained, the introduction...