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Tag: Hybrid attack

Debate: Pro-Russian narratives in North Macedonia’s media serve to cast doubt in country’s North Atlantic orientation

There are indications that part of the political party structures were created with Russian assistance as well, especially in the period when Gruevski's regime began to crumble i.e. when it was clear that it cannot stick around anymore. Starting from 2015, with the presentation of the audio "bombs" and the situation with the events in Kumanovo that...

New ‘hybrid war’ incident against Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev, perpetrators misuse Greta Thunberg`s identity

Several days ago there was a 'hybrid attack' against Macedonian PM's office by perpetrators introduced themselves as Greta Thunberg and her father. As was revealed by Prime Minister's special adviser, Marjan Zabrchanec, at the E-Society Conference organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation, 'the attack' i.e. the telephone conversation between PM Zoran Zaev and the people that introduced themselves as Greta...