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Extraordinary inspection in OHIS: The stockpiled hazardous waste has to be removed in a period of three years

The State Environmental Inspectorate has conducted an extraordinary inspection at the OHIS chemical industry complex near Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, where 6 facilities are still operating. One produces cannabis oil and the remaining are stockpiling both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. "During the inspection, Eko-centar was repackaging poluting chemicals that were stored there for so long, preparing them for...

No comparison between Beirut blast and the chemical depot in OHIS, professor Stafilov claims

There is no room for any comparison whatsoever between the accident in Beirut, that was caused by the explosion of inappropriately stored chemical, and the potential danger for Skopje caused by the chemicals stored in the former chemical industry complex OHIS, claims Trajče Stafilov, a Professor at the Institute of Chemistry at the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty in...