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Sugareski: 8 million euros provided for reconstruction of the road from Gostivar to Kichevo

The Minister of Transportation and Communications Goran Sugareski informed that 8 million euros will be invested in the reconstruction of the Gostivar Kichevo road, as annually this road is traversed by 4 million passengers. "8 million euros are invested through the Public Enterprise for state roads for reconstruction of the road from Gostivar to Kichevo. Previously, we reconstructed the...

Shilegov: With a salary of 1400 euros, How did Gruevski “save” 120,000 euros in 1 year?

Nikola Gruevski who was recently pardoned, managed to save 10,000 euros every month, which in a whole year has made him 118,629 euros richer, stated SDSM spokesperson Petre Shilegov at today’s press conference. He showed the surveyed lists of Gruevski’s finances from 2014 and 2015, which the Director of the Anti-Corruption Commission did not want release to the media last...