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North Macedonia gets quick access to Remdesivir, used for COVID-19 treatment

With the assistance of the European Union, North Macedonia has gained quick access to the medication used for the COVID-19 treatment, Remdesivir, informed the Government of North Macedonia. The European Commission has signed an agreement with the Gilead pharmaceutical company to acquire 500.000 doses of „Veklury“, the brand name of the Remdesivir medication with the possibility for an additional...

Patients left without “Sintrom 4” drug for two months and will have to wait until February

For more than two months, patients in Macedonia who take the medication “Sintrom 4” from the Canadian company “Merus Labs” can not get hold of the drug because it has not been imported. According to latest information, the drug will not be available until next year, some optimistic predictions believe it could be available in February. “For days I have...