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Two days of mourning, while Macedonia waits for the causes of the bus accident which left 14 dead

Two days of mourning were declared in the Republic of North Macedonia following the traffic accident that happened on Wednesday (February 13, 1919) on the E-65 motorway linking Skopje and Gostivar. Fourteen people were killed and 39 injured. At 17 o’clock, the bus from the company "Durmoturs" with more than 50 passengers passed 3 lnes, flew off the highway...

The driver of the “pickup” for the “Colourful Revolution” has been released

The driver of the "pickup" from the “Colourful Revolution” was released this morning after he was detained last night. He was detained and charged with “damaging private property”, and during the search of his vehicle at “Prolet” police station, officers found packages of unpacked paint, children's water pistols and a roller. His lawyer has informed us, everything which was found...